À l’aide, je dois me départir d’un corps, qui a des idées?

J’ai fait une grosse grosse gaffe. Et là, j’ai un corps à faire disparaître…

J’ai un corps à enterrer. Lire la suite

To Hell with Her – 11/11 – Testimony

He was working eight through five on week days. It was well paid, white collar kind of stuff. And I guess he was fed up by us. We had been married for, what, seven years by then. I was knocked up at my wedding, got my first daughter I was nineteen, second at twenty-two, and our little boy, I was twenty-five I think. It was the summer, when the sun still hangs after dinner time. I liked to jog for fun, back then. I had so little spare time with baby Derek, and Stacy was not old enough for school yet. Vincent was home for the dinner every day and I would go out after that for a little me-time with my snickers and the trail in the forest behind the house. I liked it there: the birds, the squirrels, the smell of greens… Sometimes, I took Stacy and Derek in his stroller for a walk there. Their faces used to beam with joy every time. They would ask for it about every other day. Lire la suite

To Hell with Her – 10/11 – Undead

When everybody is back, we talk about Hell. They ask us how it was. Blaise and Dave both say it was awful and dangerous. I think to myself that it might be for the best to have fewer tourists there and add that I was so lucky to have them with me, that they saved me from so many dangers and that Chris was right: no earth weapon would have worked down there.

We dine for Annie. We burry her. The Coven celebrate my entering their troups officially. Lire la suite